Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thought for Today - Day 5 - The Power to Discriminate

Thought for Today

Day 5 - The Power to Discriminate

Like the trained eye of a jeweller who discriminates the real from the imitation, I can discriminate what is true and what is false.
These are powers that recharge the soul. As the soul comes into action it experiences the practical form of these powers.


  1. This is so true Sharon Love your blog!! Very inspirational and truly if I couldnt create, I'd try harder to create!! I believe all of us can create on different levels and nothing wrong with that!! Creation is limitless!!!! Art is everywhere cooking is an art so many different variations of creating!! Love and light my friend!! I don't believe as humaan beings we can't create!! Creating Joy is creating!! Amen!!

  2. Your Blog is so spiritual, inspiring and wonderful visiting daily Sharon!! Love